Blueprint grid


Faster Iterations

Because the dipole magnet is not integrated with the vacuum vessel, we are able to rapidly develop and test different magnet designs without having to build a new reactor for each iteration. This allows for a rapid iteration cycle for magnet designs enabling an accelerated R&D process and reducing our time to market.


Parallel Development

The modular nature of our magnets, vacuum vessels, and heating and diagnostics systems allows them to be designed and tested in parallel, mixing and matching the technologies as we see fit. This parallel development of our key technologies allows us to further accelerate our R&D process.


Simple Assembly & Maintenance

If any one of the individual coils making up the magnet has a fault or quenches, we can quickly and easily replace it with a new coil, minimising the downtime of the magnet and reducing the costs of malfunctions.


Cheaper Reactors

Dipole reactors have a strong power scaling law between their power output and the reactor size. Due to the decoupling of our reactors and their magnets, the reactors can be made large and powerful whilst still using small amounts of expensive superconducting wire. The major costs then scale like civil infrastructure, leading to cheaper reactors.