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Thermal Engineering
Refractory (hot stuff)
  • Passive heat shields
  • Thermal breaks
  • Rapid cooling of HTS¬†magnets
  • Thermal breaks
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Fusion Engineering
  • Neutron modelling
  • Operating parameter optimization
  • Tritium breeding
  • Tritium extraction and handling
  • Ultra-large vacuum vessel engineering
  • Pilot plant studies
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Plasma Science
  • Modelling fundamental phenomena in dipole plasmas
  • Advanced plasma diagnostics R&D
  • RF and accelerated beam heating (theory & experiment)
  • Working with turbulence rather than against it!
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Magnet Engineering
  • Electromagnetic design
  • Structural design
  • Magnet construction
  • Quench protection
  • No-insulation magnets
  • Ultra-high current HTS power supplies
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